Registration Fees and Billing Instructions

Important note

Our Tax ID number has changed. If your institution requires a W-9 form, please inform the regional director at to arrange for a new form to be sent out.

Registration Fees

The registration fee is

The registration fees cover three contestants and one coach (see Notes below) for:

Additional coaches, assistants, reserve contestants and guests are charged USD $50.00 to cover their expenses (shirts, meals and freebies).

Billing Instructions

Important Notes

If your institution is sending multiple teams, the teams are assumed to be coached by the same person. If you decide to have multiple coaches for your teams, all but one coach will be considered an additional coach and will be charged an additional fee as explained above.

T-shirt information will be downloaded and processed on October 8, 2019. Appropriate registration fees will be assessed for all participants (coaches, team members, reserves and guests) in the registration system at that time.

Teams who have registered but not yet paid their registration fees will be given a "Pending" status. Once the registration fees are received by the Regional Contest Director, the registration for that team will be confirmed by changing the status to "Accepted."

Receipts will be emailed to individual coaches upon receiving their registration fees.

No credit cards are accepted.