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Travel Information

There are three major routes leading into the Youngstown area: I-80 from the west, I-80 from the east and I-76 from the southeast.

See warning below about Wick Avenue. This affects all travelers.

From the southeast

From the east

From the west

Warning about Wick Avenue:

Wick Avenue is still under construction. To get to the parking deck, follow these directions:

  1. If you are on Wick Avenue (you're on the bridge deck facing a Road Closed sign), turn left at the light. Otherwise, proceed straight through the light.
  2. Turn right at the third opportunity. It will be a very short curved section, almost a 180-degree turn.
  3. Follow this road until it ends; it has a bend to the left in the middle. You will be facing a shotput/hammer throw area across the street. Turn right.
  4. This street ends at a left turn; turn left.
  5. Parking deck entrance is one block ahead on your right.

If you are using a GPS, you can set it for 100 Wade St.