Preliminary Report and Results

February 27, 2022

A link to the 2021 ECNA final report is forthcoming. Preliminary information follows.

Due to the global pandemic, this year's regional contest was held remotely. Teams could compete from wherever it was convenient for them to do so.

The ECNA RPC was successful, with one minor issue. Some observations:


There was one issue of note during the contest.

A clarification request at 03:09:09 alerted the judges to a problem with the judging data to problem J (Recycling). One test case turned out to have two possible answers, due to an ambiguity in the problem statement. The problematic test case was removed and all submissions to that point were rejudged. One submission had its judgment changed from Memory Limit Exceeded to Time Limit Exceeded. 11 submissions had their judgments changed from Wrong Answer to Accepted. The standings were updated during the contest and are reflected in the current standings.

You can view the final standings here.

You can view the problem sets, test data and judges' solutions here.


Here are pictures taken at several of the universities during and after the competition.

Carnegie Mellon University

CMU photo 1 CMU photo 2 CMU photo 3

Cleveland State University

CSU photo 1 CSU photo 2 CSU photo 3

Case Western Reserve University

CWRU photo 1

Kalamazoo College

KC photo 1

Michigan State University

MSU photo 1 MSU photo 2

Ohio Wesleyan University

OWU photo 1 OWU photo 2

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

UM photo 1 UM photo 2 UM photo 3
UM photo 4 UM photo 5 UM photo 6
UM photo 7 UM photo 8 UM photo 9

University of Toronto

UT photo 1 UT photo 2 UT photo 3
UT photo 4 UT photo 5 UT photo 6
UT photo 7

University of Waterloo

Waterloo photo 1 Waterloo photo 2 Waterloo photo 3

University of Windsor

Windsor photo 1 Windsor photo 2 Windsor photo 3