The 2009 ACM-ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest, 
     Sponsored by IBM
East Central North America Region

The 2009 ACM-ICPC East Central North America
Regional Programming Contest

Final Report

October 31, 2009

The 2009 ACM-ICPC East Central North America Regional Programming Contest (ACM-ICPC ECNA RPC) was held on Saturday October 31, 2009. We had 115 teams drawn from 60 colleges and universities throughout western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, eastern Ontario, and Indiana (excluding the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area). There was an additional 5 teams who had registered but did not participate and were canceled.

As it was difficult for some teams in the ECNA region to travel to a single site for the contest, the ECNA RPC was held as a distributed contest. There were four contest sites: Cincinnati Site in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (29 teams from 13 schools); McMaster Site in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (22 teams from 13 schools); Michigan Site in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA (22 teams from 11 schools); and Youngstown Site in Youngstown, Ohio, USA (42 teams from 23 schools).

We are pleased to report that the ECNA RPC was successful this year. Here are a few comments and observations:

  1. One test case of Problem B violated the specs. Upon retesting, the following two highly significant changes in the initially annouced scoreboard were made: The final standings are shown below.
  2. Version 9.1.3 of the PC^2 Contest Control System was used to run the Contest. There were no technical problems and the contest went very smooth.

  3. The contest started at 10:08:00 EST and ended at 15:08:00 EST.

  4. The contest consisted of 8 problems with 91 teams solving at least one problem.

  5. The maximum number of problems solved was 8 problems.

  6. Two teams were disqualified for violating the rule banning electronic devices during the contest.

  7. You may view or download the Problem Sets and Judges' Solutions.

  8. You may view the Final Standings.

Congratulations to the top 15 teams of The 2009 ECNA RPC:

Final RankInstitute NameTeam NameNumber of Problems SolvedTotal Time (in minutes)
1University of WaterlooWaterloo Black8833
2Carnegie Mellon UniversityDragons8918
3Carnegie Mellon UniversityTartans81036
4University of Michigan - Ann ArborVictors81065
5University of WaterlooWaterloo Gold6791
6York UniversityGnu Yorkers61025
7Purdue UniversityPurdue Cheburashka5455
8Cedarville UniversityCedarville Gold5584
9Ohio State UniversityBuckeye Alpha5729
10Carnegie Mellon UniversityCardinals5742
11Grove City CollegeBits && Bytes 5771
12University of TorontoToronto 14515
13University of WaterlooWaterloo Red4672
14Miami UniversityMiami Red4769
15University of Michigan - Ann ArborValiant3288